Maruca: Tomboy
Maruca: Tomboy Maruca: Tomboy
$39.00 $52.00

  • 5"h x 8"l x 1"w
  • 1" Boxed Bottom
  • Strap Drop Length: 24"
  • Faux Suede Cord
  • Wipeable Water-resistant Interior Liner

All Maruca products are made by hand in Colorado. The bags are made from a fabric called “Jacquard”—an intricately woven pattern using a special loom in the weaving process. Each year two fabric designs are introduced. Pattern conception begins with drawings, cut paper, collage and reworked imagery, all inspired by the world around us. Maruca then collaborates with textile designers from select, smaller independent U.S. fabric mills. The content of fabrics can vary; threads are cottons, rayons and synthetics, many of which are from recycled plastic bottles.