YedOmi: Clear Quartz Caviar Dew Drop Earrings

Our Caviar metalwork (tiny silver balls securely torched into place) in Sterling Silver crown these checkerboard faceted clear quartz gemstone briolettes. These little beauties are finely handcrafted and thoughtfully designed to be light. This fluid movement shows off the clear sparkle in this specimen of quartz. Gorgeous.

*Sturdy yet delicate. *Unique metalwork design and craftmanship. *Comfortable with style and grace. *Created in Portland, OR USA * Due to the handmade nature of YedOmi, pieces may differ slightly from pictures *

Attention to detail with tiny silver metalwork clustered together of unique "caviar." Will be cherished for years to come.

Clear Quartz color: Transparent, clear with natural inclusions.

Length:1 1/4 inch

Stone: Clear Quartz 8X12mm

Finish: SS: Sterling Silver, GF: 14KGoldfilled and Silver