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Mother's Day is Sunday, May 12!

HUBBUB has so many awesome ways for you to tell your mom you love her (and no, it shouldn't just be on Mother's Day! Mom, I Wrote This Book about You lets you pen your own story with thoughtful, humorous, personal prompts, while a  Macone frame captures a special moment. For moms who love to cook, how about a beautiful pepper/salt/spice grinder from  R.A.W. Design. Bring a little calm and serenity to her crazy world with an easy-care air plant in a pineapple vase or an aromatherapy candle from  Big Dipper Waxworks . Jewelry is always good! And we have lots to choose from—just in are ear bobbles from DConstruct, Q3 and Monica van der Mars.

Are you driving mom to drink? Pick out a whimsical flask from  Trixie & Milo and fill it with her favorite spirit. If she’s headed out of town to get away from the madness or to the gym for a work out, a  Smateria travel bag holds all the essentials (but not so much she won’t return toot sweet). Speaking of sweet, pick up a box of  pop-up notes and periodically tuck one in a spot where mom can find it, because every day is a good day to say “I love you, mom.”