J.P. Roberts: Sasha Steel Vase
J.P. Roberts: Sasha Steel Vase J.P. Roberts: Sasha Steel Vase

Have you ever wanted to pull something out of a painting and make it real? This graphically styled vase seems to be plucked from a drawing and brought into the 3-D world. Each piece has a 2-dimensional front of layered steel that creates the illusion of depth. An opening at the top adds a 3-dimensional aspect and a mounted plexiglass cylinder on the back enables the vase to display flowers in water. Bright accent colors are paired with a white vase body to create contrast and complete the effect. The narrow body and base allows these pieces to be displayed where a normal vase will not fit (window sills, etc.).

Each vessel sculpture works as a stand-alone piece or group with other styles to create your own “painting.” Each piece is signed and dated by the artist. Copyright J.P. Roberts Designs.

Dimensions: 15" high x 8.5" wide x 3.25" deep

Handmade in the USA